Moving Day number three. Kids and husband are sound asleep in our newly acquired camper that’s now parked where our basketball hoop used to be.  I am closing the light of the day inside our newly emptied house.  It’s midnight in Chugiak, Alaska. The light of dusk have all but faded into the clear dark night.

All is quiet and calm. Oh, what a peaceful escape this is for me. No questions, no decisions, no pressure. A hot jacuzzi awaits.  The “self clean” cooks away the grime on the oven. Hey, it’s a productive night!

The movers left out three items to wrap up our packing tomorrow…our vacum, a chair and the sewing machine.  Although the sewing machine barely worked due to some electrical challenge, I managed to finish the quilt I started for my oldest daughter.  She’s ten and I’ve just competed my first quilt for her!  How could ten years just have flown by? It’s just mind-blowing to see the years add up – and those “later” projects linger.

So, on the fumes of our departure from Alaska, I have finished a quilt for my first born and second born. I have high hopes to complete one for our third child, too.  But, that will only happen at a friends – if the guys go fishing.

My big girl’s night out is sewing, sipping something white and sweet, and listening to “classic country.”  When the Judd’s song “A Girl’s Night Out” came on, I was transformed from a tired Mom to a young woman with endless energy. I turned the music up – knowing the “trailer folks” wouldn’t hear me (aka my family sleeping outside), I closed my eyes, I sang as loudly as I could, and I danced (praying no one was watching me through the huge kitchen bay windows).  What fun!  Oh I do miss the two-stepping.

Whew, I have been working my fingers to the bone all week. It is my night to claim some space. And, the power of a great song and its happy associations (seeing the Judd’s live, front row, at Cesar’s Palace in Vegas in 1990).  The oven gets clean, our angels sleep, and I wrap up our life here in Chugiak, Alaska.

With everything wrapped up and packed into boxes there is great freedom. Our youngest daughter, whose 7 said, “Mom, there is so much room to play now!”  Our children have become wildly silly and creative. After all their toys in the house were packed up, they created “houses” and “rockets’ out of left over boxes and recyclable stuff – and were so thrilled with their creations!  Their total joy reminded me of the Zuni’s who make sand paintings and then begin again – that the peace is in the process, not in the attachment to the outcome.

Well that bath is getting warm and my husband asked I don’t make it a late night.  ‘uess it’s time to wrap up this girl’s night out.  And, I’m truly thrilled and thankful to be retiring next to my honey in our cozy love shack.

Thank you for these answered prayers. May we shine YourLlight.