Nearly all the snow has melted around our home.

Bursts of fresh green colors surround every living object.

Spring has sprung, the day is long in light.

Our bodies are buzzing in excitement to play outside.

It’s still 40 degrees.

It feels surprising comfortable when out of the wind.

It’s still too cold for those cute summer clothes.

This weekend I wore a turtle neck and down vest – and still got cold.

Okay, I’m still wearing that Patagonia down vest (yes it’s a great day when I’m wearing Patagonia :).

To this day, the only thing I’m looking forward to about leaving Alaska, is gaining a warmer summer to play outside in.

Still, our friends who get us, see us back in two years.

Ultimately it is about where we are called to serve.

It’s a privilege, it truly is.

We are deeply grateful.

“In quietness and trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15