The truth is I cannot add more engagements to my calendar. The dare is to try. The truth is I am exhausted. The dare is just one more thing. The truth is my energy is so tied up, that there is very little to share.  The dare is to think I can do more. The truth is I cannot. The dare is to eat ice cream before dinner (at my third event for the day). The truth is it wacked my blood sugar levels and immune system.

Ironically it’s in the dare that I feel the fun often lies. It’s in the “why not…”.  But the truth is, freedom only comes in my own honesty.  Those around us temp us to play truth or dare.  While the dare is often entertaining, it’s the truth that we must own.

Today I pray that our children will see that their father and I aspire to live a truth-lead life and that they will naturally be discerning – and set free by their truth.  I pray that I will have more trust in being truthful with what I am capable of doing during this countdown timeline for moving.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” -John 8:32