It’s happening – the surface of the road is becoming exposed.  The temperatures are climbing above freezing.  We’ve had sunshine for over two weeks. We’re ditching our jackets – and it’s beginning to thaw!

“Break Up” is what this period between winter and summer, when everything is melting and messy! Streams and pools of water can be found moving on every flat surface.  And, they’re freezing at night to leave clear, icy and very slipper spots everywhere.  It’s impossible to keep a car clean. Just driving down the road, one’s car becomes blanketed with thawed snow that’s now a shower of mud.

Even though it’s spring I’m still wearing my insulated winter boots – because they’re the only shoes that give me good traction on these slippery spots. And when I’ve tested this – I’ve fallen.  I do appreciate how simple one’s wardrobe is in Alaska – sticking to one pair of boots, pants and jacket for over 6-months at a time.

We officially became the owners of a like-new 2004 truck.  To be in it is to see our summer, cross-country (and international if you include Canada) move take shape.  As we become unleashed from winter’s grip, I feel suddenly filled with joyful anticipation that the new adventures will bring us.  For instance, I’m looking forward to sitting outside and not being freezing cold, as even our past two summers have proven to be.  I’m looking forward to the simplifying that happens when we prepare to move.  I’m looking forward to being together with our family and extended family. I’m excited about seeing how God has prepared the way for us.

It’s 4PM.  Two calls from our son (whose 8) – he’s changed the plan – and not participated in the cross-country ski program after school. With his saddest voice, he begs me to collect him. Of course I will, how could I have peace with anything else?  Indeed, we will greatly miss the beautiful gifts of our life – like cross-country skiing at school.  Just for today, I am grateful to see the road once again.