Written on 4-10-2012

As a Mom, witnessing progress in our growing children is exhilarating. Today I begin in gratitude for the shift in attitude.  I am thankful for cheerfulness, for willingness, and for obedience.
“To thine own self be true.”  Today two of our kids chose to wake early so that they could pursue what mattered most – for our 8-year-old son, it was watching Scooby Do.  So he happily got up with me at 6:30AM, played piano, did his chores, dressed, and did 10 minutes of homework.  For our 10-year-old daughter, this meant pleasantly getting up (vs. angrily), getting herself dressed in a timely manner and having a whole hour to focus on completing her school homework and her piano practice.  Ah, what peace there is in self-perpetuated cooperation!  Our 7-year-old daughter was the last to get up, but when she did, it was with a joyful heart and a focused spirit of readiness (no tantrums of resistance or toy playing at the last minute).  She too managed to fit one chore in as well.

As for myself, I was able to have a meaningful devotion, tea time with God and my journal, sweet kisses with my children, practice piano (I, too am participating in the upcoming recital), walk a mile on my treadmill all-the-while conducting some Mommy-business on the phone, and sending the kids to school with fresh, hot and balanced breakfasts and lunches.  Of course the very best part of the morning was the spirit of joy that embraced us all – and stayed with us until we kissed goodbye!

What a relief it is to have had a happy morning – one void of arguments, disagreements or bad attitudes. Whew – the progress today is energizing and encouraging.  Today the answer to prayer was seeing my oldest in particular, joyfully take responsibility for herself – complete her homework, piano and be on time – with no stress!  All things are possible with you, God!

Our God is a God of details as our beloved Jan Decker reminded me the other day. His Word instructs us so clearly.  This week Jesus’s word in Luke has been powerfully guiding me as we prepare to travel on new waters.

Thank you God, for progress – and for the hope it brings.