Like many, I am beginning the year optimistic. There is nothing like a clean slate of a calendar, and a break from the normal routine, to make me feel hopeful that all, or at least, more things are possible.

Yesterday I honored my 15-year New Year’s tradition of reviewing the past year’s journals at my favorite tea shop.   For the third year in a row it was an amazing to see a stack of seven journals, sitting like flat rocks on the Homer beach, delicately balancing upon one another and representing hours of tea time with God.  At first it was an effort to open and read my journals. On the surface, I can see the glass half-full at times and become vulnerable to the thief of joy called doubt.

However, in 2011 I made the choice to seek something for which I was grateful during my most trying moments and write about it. The outcomes are journals that largely reflect the joy and praise of the presence of our life.  Reading them reminded me how enriched my life and – our family’s life, truly are!  What surprised me most in my writing was to vividly SEE how God actively was providing and answering prayers!  What an energizing gift this reflective time turned out to be.

While at a wonderful New Year’s Yoga class, the comment that lingered in my thoughts was “flexibility is space – we must have space to be flexible.”  With the desire for increased physiological flexibility, I also yearn to be more supple in my relationships. I’ve spent too much of my life’s energies holding on, being safe, and thereby also limiting the space for His possibilities in my life.  As we begin 2012, it is my intent to mindfully choose to trust more open space in my life for increased elasticity.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Today my primary goal has been to get our life’s activities and dates onto the calendar – and to order a portable calendar.  We took this one step further and sat down with the kids and asked them, what do you want to fit into our life? More swimming? More play dates? They said, yes, yes, yes! So did we!

After spending almost an hour searching for just the right planner on-line, I decided that this website offers the most helpful product for my values as a Christian parent with a home educator’s heart:  I’m including this site here for you because after a year of reading their magazine called “Home Educating Family”, I’ve become a fan of their products. I’m so thankful to the sweet friend who introduced me to this publication. Maybe you will be blessed by it, too – or pass it onto someone else who could be.

Matthew 19:26  “With God All Things Are Possible.” Begin well – believe in the possibilities of 2012 and hold the space for them!