Tonight we skied until they called the “last run” at 8PM.  It was a perfect skiing night – calm, warm (25-30 F.), with a layer of fresh snow to ski on. The sky was clear – even the white on the mountains around us, stood out by contrast to the dark night. The small city of Anchorage shone brightly.

While sitting in the chair lift and heading to the top of the mountain alone, I was amazed at how clear my mind was. I was stunned that with all the of the excitement of entertaining, a 7-year-old birthday coming up, and Christmas of course, while on the chair lift, I could think of nothing else but being there.  And I love it!  To be on the chair lift is to know perfect peace (okay, not with our 7-year-old who refuses to hold onto the bar) but otherwise, serendipitous.

As we begin our third year of skiing on this quaint hill, I am amazed at how powerfully the time on the chairlift eases my mind and body. When I’m sitting in the chair lift all I can think about it is how wonderful it is to be there – right in that exact moment.  It seems impossible to recall my seemingly unending to do list and “shoulds” that usually catch me – like during Yoga, and most other times in my life.

Once again, I have come to terms with calling the chair lift my place of meditation and the hill the happiest place on earth. It’s all quite simple, and yet remarkably extraordinary.  I am again, stunned at how perfect my life feels – from the chair lift. I am so happy, so excited, and so joyful – and without worry or judgement.

I love how simple life feels on the chair lift and on the hill. If only I could carry this free, joyous, excited feeling into every aspect of my life. And, isn’t that the real call to meditation and the desired outcome anyway?  Somehow, on the chairlift, everything seems possible. Those blocks seem mysteriously cleared.  As we are guided in 1 Thessalonians to be joyful always, to give thanks, and to pray continuously, I am lead to the ski hill.  For here, it is a natural state to experience such joy and thanksgiving.

Tonight the bonus came from skiing with my cousin from Arizona. She had a look of exuberance that lifted her face to a brightness I’ve never seen in her. She was absolutely radiant as we shared night skiing together for the first time.

Yes, I’m going to keep giving thanks on the chairlift and to continue praying – for all things are possible with God.  Besides, it’s a whole lot of fun.  How blessed we are to have this place we share as a family that inspires the best in us.  I am grateful.