One of our favorite things about Advent is choosing an activity each day to celebrate this special season.  The kids particularly like it when they get to choose a meal or a movie.  It’s a fun way for us to slow down, read our devotion, and put others ahead of us…as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christmas.

Here is our list. I print it on colored paper and cut up the activities and put them, folded up, in a small bowl.  Each day after we read our devotion, one of the children get to pick a new activity.  Then we put the slip of paper into the slot on the Advent calendar for the day.  To look at the calendar with all these little actions we’ve done during Advent, is to feel empowered in our faithfulness.

May it inspire you to add something new to your Advent Season.  As James tell us, “faith without works is dead.” Taking action – even the smallest bit of effort, has huge rewards, even for the biggest ones!  Happy Christmas Season!


  1. Pray for a sick person
  2. Pray for our pastors
  3. Pray for our president
  4. Play a game together
  5. Play with Legos together
  6. Bake cookies
  7. Play with the nativity scene
  8. Take a walk together
  9. Read a story together
  10. Give a meal to someone
  11. Give a gift to someone
  12. Visit a neighbor
  13. Help a neighbor
  14. Call a relative
  15. Sing Christmas carols
  16. Draw a picture
  17. Write a note
  18. Give a compliment
  19. Serve another person
  20. He picks the movie
  21. She picks the movie
  22. She picks the movie
  23. He picks the dinner
  24. She picks the dinner
  25. She picks the dinner