An American Thanksgiving in Alaska

The fixings – for a very fine feast

Carved juicy turkey and ham

Six side-dishes, bread and jam

Pumpkin-themed deserts complete the banquet

Eating on an Air Force Base in Alaska

Snow falling all day long

White snow covered the light of the day

Twenty-two of us of different places

We gather to be one

Under God in prayer and thanksgiving

Rank and branch do not matter

We share the same mission

One single young Air Force soldier

One deployed married Air Force soldier

Two Air Force officers and

One Army officer

“Turkey Bowl” tag football played in the traditional parade field

Two feet of fresh snow – it was fun to fall

In silence we all suddenly stand to attention

For our nation’s call at 5PM to the national anthem

Friends of all ages playing

We share the reason for this celebration



Four families, Fourteen children, 22 people

Unified , guttural laughter – sharing games “Apples to Apples”

Guitar, piano and singing – Christmas carols and praise music

Hide and Seek for the kiddos and “Star Wars” with others

Cleaning up and saying good bye

A truly wonderful, heart-warming American Thanksgiving

In the Land of the Free

We thank Thee