It’s snow cold!  The temperatures during waking hours have dropped to 5 degrees this week. Burr. I just don’t remember it being this cold this early on in winter the last two years.

I’m amazed at how Alaskans just get on with their lives – hardly slowing down for anything, but shoveling the snow out of the way.  I’m thankful we love to ski. Otherwise, I might just join the bears and hibernate, too.  This cold runs deep.

There was talk about building supplies for surviving winter supplies. Of course there’s no worry about food going bad if the power goes out – we just use the outside freezer!  Oh the adventures of living in the frontier state are grand.

I’m thankful the snow invites more playfulness for the children than anything else.  Today I found myself saying for the second time, “I’d like my child’s life….being driven to dance class, attending juggling class, taking piano lessons, getting tucked in by the tickle bug.”  It’s a sweet life here and I’m very grateful.  We pray that our children have thankful hearts too, and it seems they do, mostly.