Today our daughter said she couldn’t wait for recess – because they would be sledding. What a fun recess activity – that’s Alaska.

I fell in love with Alaska all over again as I got out into the 10 degree temperatures and shared a brisk walk with a friend this afternoon.  We took a new road that was near our children’s school.  To our delight, this path lead us along a fabulous creek that is not yet frozen and so it’s running with that peaceful sound of fast-moving water.  At noon, the sun was bursting in warm glows of yellows over the freshly covered snow-capped mountains that stood tall all around us. The trees have become decorated in the fluffy white powder, too.




Suddenly I was filled with a spirit of Alaska that consumed me. A voice came through my head and said, “Wow, this is where I am!  This is where I live!”  Indeed, the pristine beauty here is as extreme as the climate.  To get out into it – with four layers on, was liberating.

Crunching in the snow as we walked, talked and prayed along the mountain road side, I felt connected to all that has been and is good in my life.  The sound of walking on fresh snow takes me back through special moments over three decades in which this meant very fun times of skiing, friends and vacation.  Now the sound of crunching on snow is simply every day life – something that is still quite novel, even as we enter our third winter here.

Oh the magic of the present, of the happy associations of our senses, and of the fullness of our life.  Thank you Alaska for these marvelous gifts. Thank you God for the privilege of living in this grand place.  I’m thankful to be here today!  I’m thrilled our children have the opportunity to build happy memories for life while crunching on the snow.