Snow angels are the first thing our oldest is passionately making in the seasons’ first thick snow fall. We have about three inches on the ground and more is falling. The children’s excitement to abandon all thought of anything else but playing in the new snow is energizing. They quickly threw snow clothes over their PJ’s and got outside to help Dad shovel the long driveway. I love to see this teamwork.

This snow is the first we’ve had before Halloween.  It’s a real surprise – to see so much, so early.  And it’s still coming!  Oh I have the craving to bake cookies and sit by the fire, in addition to playing with the family outside.  Having not had snow for over six months, it feels new and exciting to see it back.

Unfortunately I have woken up with the flu. I’ve pushed my cold this week too much and not honored the rest by body called for.  Now my body, in its aches and pains, is not letting me push any further.  Ah, “I surrender all, I surrender all, all the Jesus I surrender, I surrender all.”  So goes one of my favorite songs at church – and meditations for life.

With trust and obedience, I surrender. Still, it’s so hard. Watching our family outside enjoy the gift of the present – this fresh, and early snow fall, I yearn to join them.  Oh the joy!

Snow Angels remind me we have angels all around us!  I’m definitely going to hug and snuggle with our warm-bodied angels today. Indeed, I am a very blessed person. Thank you.