Ode to spring,

Ode to joy!

Whew – after a good five months of cold, snowy and often dark weather, it is so freeing to have the light lead us for over 12-hours a day now! It’s equally liberating to have the snow quickly melting away – to see familiar patches of grass (and toys) become uncovered once again.   Hearing and seeing the birds flutter around us is renewing, too.  The contrast of seasons in Alaska gives me – and the children, great appreciation for what we have each and every day.  It’s always different – and seems like it’s getting better every day.

There’s a sense of ah, we can be free to play more easily outside. We can get our bikes out, our scooters and roller blades – and play with our neighbors who are outside, too.  Yes, we all feel new in the excitement of what’s around us.  Recently we’ve had a mother moose and her calf hanging out in the neighborhood, too. Just the sight of the moose is a beautiful reminder of the new life in spring – and that bears will soon be out, too!  Now we wait for the next sign of spring – budding trees.

Our youngest is learning about eggs and ducks and is waiting in great anticipation to see the duck eggs hatch.  How perfect to be studying about eggs – and new life during the Lent Season. Indeed, I am most grateful to be new today with you, God.  Thank you for all of this!