“Staying in this cabin is like being in history.  We don’t need to visit an old cabin to see how pioneers used to live – we can see it here,” said our 7-year-old. Sometimes kids really say it best!

From where I sit, I can see the entire Katchamack Bay and Homer spit, just as if I were perched in an eagle’s nest at the top of a tall tree.  We are privileged guests of the Kiltcher-Burton Family.  It’s grand to be here to take in the beauty of three generations of enthusiastic visions and plain ‘ol hard work.

Most especially all of this stands as a tribute to Yule and Ruth Kiltcher.  Watching the family DVD on the history of Homer and this homestead, narrated by Yule Kiltcher, is to see the 20th Century “Little House on the Prairie” in action. This 600+ acre homestead has all the same elements of life lived in the 1850’s + with the added benefit of technology to capture it on film.

My prayer is that in addition to blessing this three-level, Swiss-styled chalet, that we will also be sparked with some of our own creative inspiration. It’s inherent with this land – even the kids get it!