“Love makes us real.”  It is the poignant message of the beautiful movie called “The Velveteen Rabbit” we just finished watching.  Love strikes to the core of who we are – and awakens us through the heart when the rest of our body has forgotten.

The message of this movie was so personal for me, and watching it was so unexpected, that I know there was a bigger hand that steered this into my life tonight.  A favorite friend gave this movie to us a year or two ago – funny that it’s only now, when the Netflix wouldn’t work, that we turned on this precious movie.  This makes me wonder how many other “things” I need are already around me and I haven’t used/viewed/benefited from them yet.

What I know for sure is that this message was for me tonight. A boy, whose mother has died is turned over to his cold grandmother, by his workaholic father just before Christmas.  This dear boy discovers a gift his mother had left for him – a Velveteen Rabbit, along with some toys that were his father’s and Grandmother’s.  Having lost my own father at the young age of 11 going on 12, the boy’s character transported me into the loneliness of loss in my own childhood – how deep it runs.

LOVING is what transforms us into real life – not love.  I am convicted to pull out some of my childhood toys that have been collecting dust in my daughter’s rooms, and to simply play with our sweet children.  I have seen through this movie, a mirror of my grown self – a worka holic, whose numbing myself from the depths of abandonment through death.

Too much I sign up for all the doing which smothers out the space for being – or simply playing!  Help me to grab ahold of my own version of a rabbit, say my childhood Ragedy Ann and Andy, and help me to embrace this sweet space of Loving with our own children who give this precious gift to me.

Sometimes education is about simply being real. Tonight I cried – a lot, during the movie, and I let the kids see the tears.  Tonight I told the kids how much I love them.  Tonight I confess that I need help playing more!  Education – it comes in all kinds of packages.