Sweet and tender are the most prized moments of the day

The smell of freshly cut grass

And the intoxicating perfume of enormous lilacs

Savored and clipped to share with neighbors.


Throwing and catching with my oldest child

Feeling the sting of her stronger arm

Seeing the increased confidence in her catching

Sharing the joy of playing on the thick green blanket of grass.


Visiting our favorite librarian

Signing up for the summer reading prizes

Rediscovering the excitement of fabulous books

Snuggling and traveling together to New York through the eyes of a child in a book.


Quiet and close moments shared

Frozen in time, just yummy

Concerns and questions expressed are cared

Calls me to connect with the one I’ve known since the beginning.

They never look back at what could have been

On the golf course on this night.

Instead they faithfully set their sights on what is ahead

And live fully with all their might.


Dinner date at the local Thai place is a rare treat

We stab at the freshly made food with sticks

To get the noodles and the meat.

My daughters so quickly adapt what’s in the mix.


Summer solstice with my daughters

Is one I’ll always treasure

For the true measure

Of Joy we simply savored.


Oh the wisdom of my daughters

Teachers of what really matters most

Is being together in love and laughter

And trusting The Host.


It’s midnight and I’m writing outside in light

The sky is a blue that’s bright

Everything around me is bursting in vibrant life

Even the bee seems to be buzzing without strife.

Oh I’m stirred up in the midnight sun.

Yes it really is fun!

The 50 degree temps. are sending me in

Although the bee sounds like he wants to take me for a spin.