A month ago when the snow began to melt away, grass began to pop through the very wet earth in the garden along the house.  My instinct told me to begin tending to the new grass and weeds right away – while the ground was soft and the weeds had shallow roots. And, with an agenda of home schooling and many external commitments such as sports and music, my head always said “later, after these things are done.” 

A month has passed and my garden bed is almost over-run with grass and weeds!  The ground is has become hard because there has been very little moisture (although lots of cloudy, cool days).  Now instead of being a simple task, cleaning out the flower bed will be more labor-intensive.

Has it really been a month of daily “later” messages told to my inner self that has so wanted to get into the dirt and begin planting?  How can I feel so spent on living my life and yet be surrounded by a garden unattended to?

For me today, I am deeply humbled by the lessons spring is giving me….deal with the weeds early or become entrenched in them.  And of course at the end of the day, we all know everything in life boils down to priorities.  Certainly one of my challenges as a mother is feeling like everything is a priority at the same time – esp. at the end of the school year.

We’re blessed with travel opportunities this summer. But that also means the garden won’t get much attention.  So maybe it’s about different priorities this year – maybe that’s all.  In the mean time, I will gather up the gardening tools and children and see what we can do in a 2-3 hour time span this week.  We’ll plant some seeds and watch what grows – from a distance.

Spring and children teach me to be in the moment now, to listen now, and to realize that all I have is the present.  They also teach me the value of fifteen minutes – a lot of fun can be shared and a few plants can be planted.  Thank you, inspirational teachers, for helping me stay connected to what matters most.