While I capture a few minutes on my little notebook during our oldest child’s softball practice, I see two living room tables that look exactly like what I bought when I first when to college. One is a side table and the other is a coffee table. The styles match – cherry wood, with bear-claw feet. I swear, if I weren’t in Alaska (since I attended college in the SW), I’d think they were mine.  To see them is to be reminded of the more traditional American style of furniture I was drawn to at the young time in my life. At 19 I was wanting to create a sense of home in my college apartment – away from home and bought these two tables along with a sofa bed as my main living room furniture – for the majority of my 20’s.

At the time of my purchase, I bought nicer furniture than any other of my peers had in their college apartments. My mother said me, “Your tastes will change.  Why do you want to spend so much money on something you probably won’t like later?” At the time I remember feeling discouraged by her comments, as if she were only judging my choices and not celebrating them with me.  Granted most of them had parents buying stuff for them, but still most had more temporary furniture, while I had classic cheery wood tables. And, I did enjoyed them during the time I had them, regardless of what my mother said.

When I finally had decided to follow a child-hood dream to New Zealand, I sold these tables and the couch for about half of what I paid for them. I have never missed them. Now as I sit, perched near these look a likes, I have to chuckle at the thought.  Because – my mother was right.  I don’t like them – at all. My tastes have changed quite a lot. Mom, you were right. I give you credit for this wisdom now. And ironically, I am now about the same age my mother was when she offered me this sage advice.  Ah, the wisdom of aging.   Oh yeah, Mom you were right about the pacifier, too.

Mom, thanks for being candid, honest and loving with me all these years. Thanks for hanging in there, even when I’m stubborn and push forward in the manner I feel drawn. I love you.