It seems just as quickly as I write on my morning journal page “one thing I am confident about is that our daughter will do first grade at her current school (which is 15 miles away from our house), my happy plan is affected.  Whew, there is nothing like change to show us where we are most attached.

Moving. Our friends and car pooling neighbors are moving to the town about 7 miles from us and will no longer be available to share in the daily one-hour return trip to their school.  Not only is this a very practical loss, but it’s also a loss of sweet friendship that has buffered many a grumpy mornings – and been a highlight many afternoons.

Living a mobile life means that there are periods when we don’t have enough information to plan for our life, or so it seems.  And I thought that we finally had a one-year window in which we could make some reliable plans.  Today that seems like a lie.  I am quickly reminded that change is the only thing we can count on – and that God is the only unchanging force in our lives.  Surely, as soon as we rely on man, or in this case, neighbors, to be a part of our plan, things change.  That being said, we are most grateful for the quite unexpected gift of this year with our neighbors – it all came to us quite suddenly and without any planning.

Ah, the reminder – great things happen when we don’t have plans, too!  Oh yeah, I forget that sometimes.  But (but the underlying truth is) I feel more secure in plans. There is a momentum that carries us forward when set our intention with some choices, anyway.

When it comes to our children’s education, it’s critical we make grounded choices that support a solid foundational growth.  We have this for our youngest child at this school.  However, the two-hour commitment to driving there every day seems out of proportion to our life in Alaska.  And, it feels like it’s in conflict with the homeschooling of our oldest two children. In the least it challenges by energy levels and availability for other things.

Such a quandary this is.  And this situation dredges up the uncomfortable muck of the unknowns in our lives….and the call to make decisions based on what we know to be true today.

So I began today believing I had a cohesive plan loosely laid out for our life during the course of the next year.  Now I’m wrapping up the day turning it all over to you God, and asking for your divine hand to guide us in the most obvious ways.

In closing I am thankful for how beautifully we’ve been supported this year in school and in our life.  I am thankful that we have good choices to make – and that we have freedom in our choices.  I am thankful for the opportunities we have today and upon us. I am thankful for where we are right now.