Tonight I needed to get to bed early. However it was the colorful sunset falling behind the lady birch trees that stand around our home that caught my attention – and have kept me awake.  It’s 11Pm and only now is the sky beginning to close into darkness. I so love how the layers of light play out dramatic roles with new voices each and every day we live in Alaska.  It seems that there is a new surprise waiting for us each morning and night. 

As I am captured by the light I am reminded of the true peace that comes in the perfect moments we have in the present.   The sunset reminds me of the exquisite beauty that we must seize where we are in order to truly appreciate it. 

Suddenly the long to-do list is set aside from my overflowing mind and I am quiet.  Ah, this is a gift worth staying up for. This is true Sunset Inspiration. 

Thank you for the light show dear Mother Nature!  Now I lay me down to sleep….