It’s such a gift to my spirits when I receive unexpected cooperation from the kids.  If only ever day could be like this.  I wasn’t feeling well at all today, so my expectations for what we would accomplish were rather low.  To my delightful surprise there were far more giggles and joyful attitudes than defiant ones.  I was freed up to do more teaching (and hugging) than refereeing – what a gift this was.

As we delve into the last third of our structured school year, I am grateful to see the quiet ways our children are succeeding.  A passion for reading, a desire for building, and relentless curiosity about how things work are just three of the fruits that have come from our homeschooling year.  The children are far more aware of one another and have healthy boundaries around treating each other with respect (most of the time).

Character development is as important as academic success in our family. For to be truly successful in life one must posses an innate balance of each. It is our vision – our work, to “give” this to our children in the village we live, love and learn in. 

Gratefully we are blessed to be in a dynamic, diverse and caring community.  In fact, come to think of it, Alaskans have proved to provide the most unexpected cooperation we’ve ever experienced anywhere, too.  Yes, it’s a quality that makes Alaska such a nice place to live.  Well I hope this cultural rub stays on for life.