Tonight I yearned to disappear in the basement to have some time with my own thoughts…to read, write, and get organized for the next school day. First I did most of the dishes.  And then kids called for help in their bed time ritual. And I surrendered to them.

Since my current schedule allows me four nights a week of bed times, I felt this one was important. The girls asked that I curl their freshly washed wet hair. Unexpectantly we ended up having a few sweet moments in the bathroom together. Our oldest read a story for the benefit of our youngest while I combed and put curlers into “Sunshine’s” hair.  Sweet tender moments of being together like this is what makes life grand. 

While reading with our youngest, “Little One,” I was thrilled to hear her also begin to read in Spanish, too.  It’s most exciting to see her begin to connect with decoding English and Spanish. One has to love the immersion program!

While reading with Sunshine, I enjoyed the peacefulness of simply being together – and sharing a great story.  She was occupied with sketching – a skill she’s naturally talented with, and one that isn’t tapped enough in our busy life.  More sweet quiet moments that honor the blessings of our day.

In the end, I am grateful for the freedom and availability to focus on what matters most tonight – our children and our family.  Oh, I had just remembered that I was going to take Sunshine to a sewing class with me – but that got lost in other unexpected activity.  Oh well. 

I pray that our choice to read aloud with our kids instead of with ourselves, and to meaningfully close the day in prayer with our children as consistently as possible will have long-term positive effects!  The fruit is a peaceful home and gratitude for being able to simply be with our children in a gentle, affirming way.  Yes, these are the tender moments that our lives are built upon – they are what matter most!