Being home and being sleepy does have its benefits.  For me, it means choosing priorities carefully and moving slowly.  It also means being becomes a greater priority than doing. It’s a struggle to surrender to this internal drill sergeant that keeps telling me what to do. Yet, it’s in the quiet spaces of being that sweet, tender memories are made.  Relationships have space to bloom!  Conversations happen.  Being charges us up for the doing.

The children are strengthening their relationships together as they get more kid time to just play and create – and cheer one another on the WII!

As I move slowly, focusing only on what matters most, I am grateful for improved health, sunny skies, and a sleepy state that slows me down to enjoy this space.  “You’re almost better than me.” Skywalker says to Little One while they play the WII.  I love to hear the sportsmanship and sibling love bloom on this spring break.