“God is listening” is the title of our children’s narration today.  From Jeremiah 29:12 we are inspired to write specific prayers down.  As we began this, our 7-year-old son, I’ll call “Skywalker” naturally began with thank you’s – instead of requests. It is touching to see the meaningful and specific prayers our children come up with – and what images they draw…their hearts and minds are believing.  They know that “All things are possible with God.”

It’s encouraging to see them receiving the lessons in listening, when at times it seems their hearing is turned off. Fortunately that’s an external volume switch, not an internal one.  I’m grateful to have this tender time to share with our children as they’re developing their internal listening ears.

Ah, listening…some times it takes great effort, discipline, and down right patience to listen.  And, the benefits are alway enormous. What I’ve been reminded of this week as I let go of multi-tasking a bit to listen more (and drive safely) is that what we truly need is around us, and that God is answering our prayers – all the time. 

During the moments when I’m tired and most probably discouraged, it’s helpful to remember the grace in answered prayers – and to trust that I will continue to be provided for. It sure takes the pressure off when I stop trying to do it all myself – and simply take some time to listen.