Wow. Today we showed up at dance class – ready for dance, so we thought. Suddenly our 6-year-old daughter decided that she wanted a new pair of dance shoes – like her friend was getting. She came up with her plan to lobby – or hold out until I would say “yes” as a bargaining plea.

“Little One” as I like to call her, even went so far as to loan her ballet shoes to someone else in her class – and she didn’t know who it was.  Upon suggesting using a spare pair of ballet shoes from the teacher, Little One professed, “I don’t like those – I won’t wear them, and I don’t want to dance because I’m tired.”

My externally calm response was, “we’re here and you’re completing this – with or without shoes.”  She grabbed me and refused.  The fabulous dance teacher came to us – and said, “I won’t talk to you when your face is in your mother’s belly.”  At this point my nerves hit the roof and I thought to myself, “what now, I can’t believe this is happening.” 

I called my own time out – in the bathroom.  I knew there had to be a way to deal with this that was constructive and helpful – I just didn’t have a clue how to get there.  By the time I finished three deep breaths with the Holy Trinity, I came out to find a dear, smiling mother, Barbara, helping Little One get on a spare pair of her daughter’s shoes.   And with great quickness, Little One was on the dance floor – skipping for true joy. 

Whew – what a process this dance is between child and mother.  We move two steps forward and one step backwards, or at least sideways, regularly. Thank you God for dear caring parents in our village who are willing to assist us when we feel like we’ve run out of tools.  Thank you for the answered prayer…for help, for a gentle solution, for an effective dance class and for a surrender to the dance of power.

Ah, the dance we do. It’s a lot more fun when we share it!