Happy Birthday George Washington, our first president in the United States.  Studying General Washington’s life is truly inspiring!  He certainly honored the enormous calling on his life for the good of our nation.

While there are many admirable character traits our Founding Father embodied, prudence is the quality that we looked at today.  “Prudence is seeing what is likely to happen and taking careful thought acting and planning. It means you try to look ahead so that you can avoid problems and create good opportunities by being aware and taking appropriate action.”-Winter Promise materials.

This sounds like parenting to me – and certainly like a homeschooler parent’s outlook on life.   Instructing our children to be prudent in their choices is an enormous task.  With our crew still in the single digits, lessons in right and wrong seem to dominate.  However, when possible, we do choose “our battles” and encourage our children to make a choice between good, better or best.

As Hebrews 12:1-4 illustrates, choices often don’t win a popularity contest. It’s tough. But, the benefits of prudence so outweigh the cost of it.  Today our seven-year-old initiated following through on making a wrong – right. He had spent change from the car’s change purse on air hockey – thinking it was just “free” money. When I explained it was for parking the car, and not for his use, our son got it – and apologized. After hearing his piggy bank rattle, he came running to me in a sleepy state with his money to repay the car kitty.  Knowing that he was taking action on what he understood was the right thing to do gave me a sense of joy.

These are life’s little teaching moments that will develop our son to be a person of great personal integrity such as our great leader, General Washington.  I pray now that we’ll be guided to teaching prudence with the topic of saving money to buy the DS games….