“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle
Habits are intentional and unconscience choices we make every day.  I can see how some of my habits I learned early on in life tend to be what I  live off – even when they don’t serve me. I admit I’ve fallen into the “bad” habit of putting too many things off for “later” – or “someday.”  This is how I’ve begun to lie to myself. It begins with small things and then rears its ugly head in piles of unfinished work.  The negative impact this has on the kids’ education is that sometimes what they care about gets tossed into that abyss, too.  Postponing joy – and cleaning, go hand in hand in unexpected ways.  Today I embrace the seemingly mundane habit of getting the “later” things done. It takes great effort as I prefer to be out skiing in the fresh powder instead.  But, I plod along anyway, knowing I must do this, too.
I have also embraced the more challenging task of showing up with my truth where there has been misunderstanding. Oh, it’s a discipline to write it, to process it, and to share it.  And, the fruit of doing so is empowering!
My intent is that I am effective in co-leading our children on a life path of learning to embrace the value of good habits – those habits that bring us to a place of excellence in the areas that matter most in our lives.  It’s from this sweet place that we connect with the greater good of our life’s work.  It’s here, in our excellence, that we honor our Creator, and become receptive to His Grace.