“Intention determines outcome.”  I wish I could remember who said this…I just know it’s a phrase that has stuck with me – and powerfully resurfaced this week. 

So much of life is lived out unintentionally – that it’s quite refreshing to be surprised by thoughtful intentions.  Today an interesting conversation with a fellow parent, whose passionate about the planet and people was a delightful change from the usual “closed off” attitude many people often seem to have.  I appreciate so much his intention of kindness.

Tonight our family played some ping-pong after dinner because we have a holiday tomorrow. We laughed hard – we really felt like we were on vacation. The intention of enriching family time grew into spontaneous thoughtfulness, encouragement and generosity between the children, too.

Seeing our youngest begin to confidently read is rewarding, too.  Our intention to provide a loving and patient learning environment seems to be finally seeing some fruit…

The key seems to be that while there isn’t always a immediate cause and effect relationship with intention and outcome, we must remember that it’s the long-term foundation we are establishing with focused intention. We must remember that God’s hand is in it all – and He blesses us according to His timeline.  Now I intend to get to bed for some good rest and trust that all will be well in the morning.