As we study great, founding leaders of our remarkable country, it’s evident that there are predictable factors that lead to success. Abigail Adams had a love of learning, (of God), of family (John!), and of her country.  These passions sustained her, enabled her to see a bigger picture for the good of her family and our country, and empowered her to be influential in the building of America.

While we pursue excellent education in Alaska for our children, it is our greatest hope that they will each develop an inherent love for God, learning, family and our country for the rest of their lives, and by doing so, will have the essential skills necessary to be the person God will call them to be.

Today we are in the technology lab. The kids are going Lego Robotics. We are blessed to be supported by a kind and knowledgeable teacher.  The children are learning how to design, program and problem solve with their own robotics.  Something about being in this room stirs up great creativity that permeates into other areas of our lives outside the classroom.  After writing many blogs in my head, I’m now writing on the computer screen.  Holding attention to technology is interesting, sometimes entertaining and always challenging on some level.  We begin, anyway. Thanks Frank, for sharing this space.

Here we go.  This is the beginning of blogging about our pursuit of excellent education in Alaska.  It’s a daily process, a culmination of where we’ve come from – and a vision of where we hope to be going.  It’s a leap of faith – no matter how you choose to approach it (and we all have choices!).  Faith in action….

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 N.I.V.